Limited edition CD, 2023

the ancient roman foretellers -- the auspex -- tried to foretell events by watching birds in flight, and since last february the oiseaux rebelles were making crash landings one after another. since then it has become especially hard to write and to talk -- and as the all-devouring abyss of the first months began to thin out, it gave way not to the words (i guess they fail me even now), but to the sounds -- and the sounds turned out completely different than what i imagined back then.
the second album, a small-batch release, features synth arrangements of schoenberg, clementi, alkan and čiurlionis, some ventures into the drone/noise territory, as well as some live recordings made over the past two years, including one that remained unpublished

 auspex album front cover

«Too depressive» -- my wife

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Ich Weiß Nicht, Säuselt In Den Bäumen Des Frühlings Zauberlied Zu Nacht? (Clementi -- Étude #24) / Morituri te salutant (Alkan) / Mazeppa (Loewe) / Vartai (Čiurlionis) / Das Schloß I-V (Schoenberg) / Hachis Romantique (Rossini) / Zorniges Aufbrausen (Czerny) / ???? / ??? (Lysenko) / Rosenkreuz (Scriabin) / Moukden 1910 / Pearl Harbor / Mon Prélude Hygiénique Du Matin (Rossini) / Mon Postlude Après Du Coup D'État / Red Telephone / Fuga / Our Children Are Sublime / :-------------DDDDD XCXDHDcccddXdDDDddXXxdDDDDDx-----DDDD:-D-DDDDD

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