Mikhaïl Bouzine
Mikhaïl Bouzine
is a pianist and composer based in Nuremberg, Germany. An alumni of Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory (piano class of prof. Andrey Shibko, composition class of prof. Vladimir Tarnopolski, harpsichord class of prof. Tatiana Zenaïshvili) and Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart (contemporary piano music, prof. Nicolas Hodges). Author and performer of numerous conceptual solo piano recitals with vast repertoire ranging from Renaissance to Fluxus. Winner of the 14th Orléans Concours International de Piano. Finalist of the 64th Busoni International Piano Competition. Soloist of L  I  M  I  N  A  L  I  T  Y, KYMATIC ensemble, Thimk Collective (piano, keyboards, harpsichord). He has participated in piano master-classes of Alexei Lubimov (Perm, Russia, 2017), Giovanni Valentini (Pesaro, Italy, 2018), Peter Donohoe (Mariestad, Sweden, 2018), Nicholas Hodges (Graz, 2019), Maria Grazia Bellocchio (Milan, 2020-2021), Play&Direct Academy with Lars Vogt & Mark Stringer (Paris, 2021); composition master-classes of Leif Segerstam (Moscow, 2013), Vyacheslav Artyomov (Moscow, 2016). As a composer Mikhaïl is currently working (since 2012) on a grand meta-cycle on pan-slavic alphabet.

I would like to thank the Robert Turnbull Piano Foundation for the financial support during the covid pandemic.


Impresariat Forte Possibile

Impresariat Forte Possibile
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«A thunderstorm!» -- Bertrand Bolognesi @ Anaclase

«Tanto espansivo e dominatore della scena ...»  -- Alessandro Tommasini @ Amadeus Magazine

«Une personnalité absolument singulière ... qui a le grain de folie» -- Christian Merlin @ Le Figaro